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Houston Social Media Management

Why is social media marketing important for your business?

The previous marketing tactics before the Digital Age actually required more budgeting for flyers and the things you see in junk mail today. However, social media marketing is a free and organic way to bring awareness to your business. 

There are an estimated 2 billion people logging in to social media today and your business has the opportunity to get in front of them for free. Reaching millions with your product or service does take a marketing budget, but it's not always necessary, especially if you're a Houston business looking to attract local visitors. 

Fortunately, you don't have to be on every social media platform! You only need to be where your target market is, and the only way to know where they're spending time online is to do your research. Luckily for you, you can schedule a free marketing consultation with us to find out where your market is and how we can help you reach them with your award-winning service. 

Here's what one of our clients said:

"Knowing nothing about Social Media, I knew I needed help letting people know about the Suncatchers I make. I explained to Jasmine what it was I wanted and that my budget was fairly limited and she didn't blink an eye. She proceeded to tell me what she could do for me and then assigned the most patient Lovely to be my contact. In the six months I was with Element 11 Media they helped me grow my business. I went from no exposure to capturing an audience and page visits 5 to 6 times more. I am extremely happy with the results. These young women are very professional, don't mind answering questions, and most importantly to me, they explained things so I could understand what they were talking about. I highly recommend Element 11 Media to one and all."

Ready to get started? We only accept 8 clients for this service. Review our affordable social media packages below and schedule a consultation!

Tier 1 Social Media Package

$399 per month

The Tier 1 social media marketing package will manage 2 social media profiles where your target market is. For example, we will create a profile on Facebook and Instagram. Next, you will provide the content and we'll discuss your content strategy. Then we post and engage with your audience to build organic awareness of your awesome business!

Tier 1 Boost

$599 per month

The Tier 1 Boost is for you if you'd like for us to provide your graphics and video content using our software programs.  

Tier 2 Social Media Package

$799 per month

The Tier 2 social media marketing package will manage up to 4 social media profiles on the platforms where your target market is. We follow the same strategy above by providing your graphics and video content, discussing your content & engagement strategy to target your niche.

Tier 2 Boost

$1399 per month

The Tier 2 Boost is for your business if you'd like for us to manage social media ads. We provide the content and execute the strategy. This does not include your ad budget.

If you're a musician, check out this package tailored for you.

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