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Start Your Music Business

How to start your music business and increase listeners

There is no other industry that has swiftly changed like the music industry. Musicians in every genre have seen declines in vinyl and CD sales and more focus on streaming and digital retail. How do independent artists generate more listeners who stick around as loyal fans? How do you make money from digital retail in the music industry? 

Well, it's no secret that streams pay less than pennies and you'll need a Billie Eilish amount of streams to actually live on that income. It's not just about streaming revenue and gaining more listeners to those platforms, it's about building a music business that attracts loyal fans who actually love what you create. 

It's time for you to start asking the question, "What do businesses do to be found by their customers and retain them?" After all, it's a music business. And every business is in the business of marketing and sales. So if you spend a lot of time creating music but don't know how to start a music business, we offer a free 4-part series that will show you some basic steps to building your music business and what mistakes to avoid. 

All you have to do is drop your name and email below and you'll get notified when the series is available. While you wait, you'll get a free download of 25 ways to promote your music online. There may be some tactics you haven't known about that could help you increase a loyal following. 

Download 25 Ways to Promote Your Music Online and Get Notified About Our Free Music Business Series:

P.S. If you're an independent label in Houston, a publisher, or a music journalist and you need marketing assistance, we would love to offer our affordable web design and social media packages for you. We have experience in social media ads for musicians, press releases, public relations, EPK's, content marketing, release plans, and more.

Please schedule a free consultation below to discuss your ideas with us. 

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