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Why Animation Is the Future of Marketing

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Animated videos are a simple and powerful marketing tool that can be used to capture attention, create rapport, and build trust with your audience.

There are many benefits to using animated videos in your marketing strategy. Animated videos can increase conversions by up to 80% and they have been shown to have a much longer retention rate than non-animated video counterparts.

Animated videos also allow you to tell stories at a much faster pace than is possible with text or screenshots alone. They allow the viewer to see interactions between people, animations of important concepts, or the flow of processes like shopping carts or virtual tours.

In short, animated videos make it easier for customers or prospects who may not be completely familiar with your product or service offering - if they’ve heard anything about it at all - better understand what you do and why they should care about it too.

Animation is being used more frequently in marketing strategies. This is because marketers are realizing that animated videos are the new norm and they can be a potential asset to their marketing campaign.

In order to use animation effectively in your content marketing strategy, there are 3 key things that you need to know.

1.) Animation appeals differently to different age groups – Younger generations (ages 18-25) prefer fast-paced, upbeat videos with an emphasis on action and sound effects while older generations (ages 55+) prefer slower-paced, dialogue heavy videos with an emphasis on story and facial expressions.

2.) Animation isn’t only for kids – People of all ages like animations because it can capture the attention of a diverse audience and make them feel something.

3.) Animation doesn’t have a universal appeal – Different animations work for different audiences depending on what the message or tone of the video is trying to convey. For example, a video about the dangers of driving after drinking might use an animation of a car crashing into a curb to convey the message that it is dangerous to drive after drinking alcohol.

Animations can be used as a storytelling device – these are often used in videos to add depth and emotion by making audience members feel like they are watching a real life situation unfold before their eyes.

In the world of branding, you need to think creatively, and animation is a fantastic way to do so. If you’re looking for someone to animate your videos or create a series of animations for your company’s blog, Element 11 Media offers animation packages that would fit your budget. Send us a message, for a free consultation.


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