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5 Ways AI for Small Business Marketing Can Increase ROI

Updated: Apr 14

As of 2024, 45% of businesses are still in the exploring phase of implementing artificial intelligence. Many are slow to adopt because they do not fully understand what's needed to train AI on their processes and the costs associated with the infrastructure of using AI in their business.

However, for the 33% of businesses who have aggressively pursued AI, reports show that it has dramatically altered the landscape of business and marketing, showcasing exponential growth month over month since its inception. AI technologies offer small businesses unprecedented opportunities to enhance their marketing strategies and increase their return on investment.

Suppose you're struggling to understand where artificial intelligence fits into your business. In that case, we've compiled a short list of 5 ways AI for small business marketing can increase your ROI.

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Table of Contents:

Automate Your Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges for almost every business and is one reason why most fail. Luckily with AI, you can automate your lead generation tasks while saving time and money getting someone else to do it. That's why we recommend PhantomBuster.

PhantomBuster stands out as a pivotal AI tool for solving lead-generation issues. It automates data extraction and social media actions, providing businesses with the capability to generate leads at scale without manual intervention.

All you would have to do is scroll through their 100+ ready-made automations and choose the one you want to delegate. Start a free trial to see how it works.

PhantomBuster automations

Increase Your CTR Ad Strategies

Increasing your click-through rates is a pain when it comes to ad strategies. All of the A/B testing, redesigning creatives, and expanding or narrowing audiences become a thing of the past when you let AI do it for you. Using an AI platform like AdCreative can make ad strategies and budgets more impactful. AdCreative has helped 95% of businesses increase their CTR.

By analyzing performance data, it suggests optimizations for ad content, ensuring businesses reach their target audience with compelling visuals and messages. Try it for free now.

AdCreative AI ads

Create AI Explainer Videos

Businesses can increase their product sales by 85% with explainer videos. There are plenty of options available to create slideshows and explainers but many of them lack the human connection and the tools that stand out.

HeyGen is a video creation tool that can quickly create explainer videos while adding the human touch. With HeyGen, you can use one of their AI avatars to explain your product or service or even clone yourself. You can also tailor your avatar for a certain ethnicity and choose from over 30 languages if your business is international.

Get started with HeyGen.

HeyGen AI avatars

Enhance Email Marketing

If your business relies on cold market outreach and you're having a hard time with email open rates and responses, AI can greatly enhance your email marketing strategy. Finding the leads while also using best practices for outreach can be time-consuming and require extra hands. However, if you use SalesHandy, you can cut back on all the heavy lifting.

SalesHandy enhances email marketing strategies by helping businesses scale and automate their cold email outreach while also providing access to leads. This tool ensures small businesses can engage their audience effectively, increasing open rates and conversions. Sign up for free.

saleshandy cold email lead generation

Become an AI Expert

At the beginning of this blog, we mentioned how 45% of businesses are still exploring AI and the reasons why many have not implemented it. One of those reasons is that many still don't understand how to train artificial intelligence on their data. The AI Exchange closes this gap between the unknown and the aggressive adoption of AI.

For small businesses aiming to master AI, The AI Exchange community offers comprehensive learning on AI applications in marketing and business operations. This company empowers businesses to leverage AI technologies confidently and innovatively while providing tutorials, use cases, and coaching.

Get certified in AI Operations and get a free membership pass.

the ai exchange ai-powered business


AI offers transformative solutions for small business marketing, from lead generation to personalized ad strategies and content creation. By embracing these technologies, small businesses can achieve remarkable growth and efficiency.

Does your business need digital real estate? Contact us for a free marketing consultation.


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