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How to Create an AI Avatar

If you want to quickly create content without filming it yourself or hiring a videographer, learn how to create an AI digital human. It's as simple as logging in and pushing a few buttons and adding a little creativity that fits your brand. Learn how we created D. Brown and D'Vo The Codex and how we use them for quick content marketing.

How to Use an AI Avatar

Clone Yourself

You can clone yourself to make content without ever filming it yourself

Create courses

Use your avatar to create quick courses and tutorials

Create a "faceless" social media profile

Amplify your faceless social media business by adding some human elements

Create Explainers and How-To's

Create explainer videos and how-to's using your avatar

Start a new social media business

Use your avatar to start a new business in a different niche

Create onboarding and training videos

Create onboarding and training videos for the employees or contractors you hire


Clone Your AI Voice

Watch this quick video to show you how to clone your voice to use for content or choose other AI voices. *You will need a premium account to clone your own voice. 


Create Your AI Avatar

This short video will show you how to create your instant AI clone in HeyGen. *You will need a premium account to clone yourself. 



Integrate ElevenLabs with HeyGen

Once you're logged in to HeyGen, click the AI Voice button on the left menu. Then you'll see a button in the far right under your credits that says 'Integrate 3rd Party Voice'. This will take you to connect your ElevenLabs account so that your AI-cloned voice is pulled in.


Create Your Videos!

So we actually created our Avatars from images we already had. HeyGen allows you to make your headshots talk. But here's how to record your AI-human so you don't have to record reels all the time. 


Upscale Your Image (optional)

If you want to create a different variation of your video or avatar clone, take it to Leonardo AI and use their new Universal Upscaler or add a filter to transform the style of your avatar. 


You can resize and publish your videos directly to social media or download them to publish later. The cool thing about HeyGen is that you can create videos for anything and it doesn't require filming the content yourself. You can use it for courses, hiring, onboarding, training, etc. 

Publish to Social Media or Download

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